How does FluidIntel’s Fuel Management System (FMS) save you money?

Reduced inventory held on site

Prior to installing AdaptFMS, one of our major clients had no accurate data on their fuel usage, stock or deliveries, so they were consistently purchasing and storing far more fuel than was necessary. Read more

Vendor managed inventory

One of our clients had several geographically dispersed sites, with staff required to drive long distances to check and report on fuel tank levels. Read more

More efficient supply chain monitoring

Maintenance is one of a mine site’s largest costs, and having vehicles out of production for unnecessary servicing is avoidable. For this reason, we developed a reporting function for one of our clients, Read more

Reduced fuel waste

To cut fuel costs, it’s vital you understand exactly how and where fuel is being consumed. When one of our clients was having issues reconciling the fuel volumes they were invoicedRead more

Integration with third party ERP systems

When one of the world’s largest nickel mines wanted a way to improve their monitoring and control of fuel dispenses for their light vehicles, they approached FluidIntel. Read more

Rapid identification of issues

When one of our clients was made aware that the oil in one of their service trucks had been contaminated, it could very quickly have become a much bigger problem. Read more

More efficient rebate calculation

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) provides a rebate for fuel used on mine sites, however claiming this rebate is a complex process, requiring mine operators to collect and store considerable data regarding the type and quantity of fuel acquired, the date acquired, and how it was used.Read more

Reduced labour costs

A large mine site receives up to 1,500 fuel truck deliveries per year, and requires at least two on-site, full-time fuel managers to check the fuel inventory as it arrives and manually order supplies.Read more

Reduced misappropriated fuel

Unauthorised fuel use can weigh heavily on a mine site’s bottom line. When our client became concerned that their contractors were using more fuel than was approved, they approached FluidIntel for a solution.Read more

Improved service truck productivity

Most mine sites dispense some fuel and lubricants from mobile service trucks directly into mobile equipment. Read more