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Clean Fuel Assurance

By Philip Zoing


Poor quality or contaminated diesel fuel contributes to more than 75% of fuel system related failures in all mining fuel consuming assets. By analysing the particulate count in real time for all fuel movements across a mine site, you are able to track the quality of your fuel as it moves through your fuel supply chain. It acts as a constant point of accountability to ensure your fuel supplier is consistently delivering a high quality fuel supply. By capturing reading between tank to tank transfers and filter banks, it can immediately pin point sources of contamination in real time when a particulate count drastically increases across two measuring points. By capturing readings at each fuel dispense location on site, it will minimise the downtime to your equipment fleet, giving you the capability to immediately isolate any vehicles affected by contaminated fuel. By implementing real time fuel cleanliness monitoring you can be confident you are taking steps in the right direction to drive peak fuel system performance for all fuel consuming assets. The FluidIntel solution does just this ->

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