Why Choose FluidIntel?

Whether it’s increasing productivity, improving efficiency or reducing costs, FluidIntel’s digitised supply chain solutions can deliver significant benefits to your business bottom line.

Here are some of the reasons why global companies trust us with the monitoring and management of their supply chain operations:


  • Reduced costs

    FluidIntel’s digitised supply chain solutions are focused on reducing costs to your business by minimising inventory held in storage, reducing waste, streamlining the movement of fuel or commodities, and reducing overall labour costs.


  • Improved efficiency

    FluidIntel technology enables you to make informed decisions about where efficiency improvements can be made along every step of your supply chain.


  • Better insights

    Thanks to our advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, you’ll have access to more reliable and accurate data to monitor production, identify potential issues, make informed decisions, and plan predictive maintenance.


  • Innovative technology

    Over the past four years, we’ve invested an average of 22% of annual turnover into the ongoing research and development of our software. This means our solutions are always at the cutting edge of supply chain digitisation.


  • Robust hardware

    Driven by user feedback and technical innovation, our hardware and devices are designed to perform in the harshest environments and conditions.


  • Quality control

    All of our software and hardware is designed, developed and manufactured in our own facilities here in Australia to ensure stringent quality control.


  • Global servicing and support

    Our team of highly experienced engineers and technicians offer user system training, 24/7 helpdesk support and hardware maintenance in multiple countries.