About FluidIntel

Established in 1996, FluidIntel specialises in providing digitised supply chain solutions to some of the world’s leading businesses.

One of our first clients was BHP – the world’s largest mining company. BHP engaged FluidIntel to improve the management of billions of litres of fuel across enormous geographical areas. This experience reaffirmed the importance of securing reliable data by using robust hardware (IoT devices) that requires minimal maintenance in harsh and remote conditions.

Over 20 years later and we’ve now developed a range of solutions that can digitise complex and varied global commodity supply chains, including fuel, water, agricultural products, chemicals, and more. This evolution has seen us harness our expertise in the intelligent management of fluids and apply it to the fluid transfer of bulk commodities.


Best practice fuel management

What is your fuel and lubricant data hiding from you?

FluidIntel delivers:

  • Productivity improvement
  • Mine performance actual vs plan
  • Infrastructure health metrics
  • Preventative maintenance insights

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Agricultural supply chain digitisation

How you go about digitizing your supply chain is critical to its successful implementation. Having clear objectives is key to align all stakeholders and partners while remaining agile throughout the process will help ensure that the solution delivered matches the business reality. Companies with deep experience in large technology implementations can take a big picture view when it comes to deployments but in FluidIntel’s experience selecting a small pilot is a better approach for many. It is important that the pilot cover a significant enough portion of the supply chain to prove value as much of the value is derived from the integration of various steps within the supply chain but not so big as to delay the early verification and realignment of requirements that an agile approach facilitates.