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Mandy Templeton

Mandy Templeton

Mandy Templeton is a specialist finance manager for manufacturing businesses and also contributes to strategy on operational improvement. She has joined the business to manage the finance team under the guidance of Ash Arnott, CFO. Mandy is responsible for financial management across the Out Performers Group of Companies, including FluidIntel.

With over 18 years’ experience in financial management, Mandy has extremely strong accountancy, communication and people management skills, along with excellent attention to detail and a genuine interest in how the business performs and is managed.

Mandy was the Financial Manager at AMD Precision Engineering, Speed Engineering, Glitterama and several property-owning companies, in Cape Town, South Africa for over ten years. Prior to that, Mandy worked in her family’s book-keeping business for eight years.

In her spare time, Mandy enjoys running marathons, and taking her border collie, Memphis, to enjoy the sights of their new home town, Sydney.

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