FI05 Case Study

fuel contamination

We helped a client identify the spread of fuel contamination.

  • Problem

    When a client was made aware – through a standard service – that the oil in one of their all-important service trucks had been contaminated, they realised it could very quickly have become a much bigger problem. The service truck in question was used to provide oil to a wide range of other vehicles and equipment, so it was essential that the client determined exactly how far the fuel contamination had spread. Further investigation revealed that the service truck had cracks in its oil tanks, which was causing two different types of oil to mix. Typically, this would have required the client to test all vehicles and equipment that had been operating in the affected site area, or void their warranties on very expensive equipment. Both of these scenarios would have been highly costly and time consuming.

  • Solution

    Fortunately, the client had installed FluidIntel’s Fuel Management System AdaptFMS. This meant they could use valuable data and analytics from the system to easily identify which vehicles or equipment in the fleet were potentially contaminated – considerably narrowing the number of vehicles requiring inspection.

  • Benefit

    Without FluidIntel’s Fuel Management System, the client wouldn’t have been able to quickly and easily identify affected equipment. This would have meant considerable vehicle and equipment downtime for the client, as they had a large number of items that could have been affected.

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