FI06 Case Study

maintenance costs

We helped a client optimise their filter maintenance for refuelling.

  • Problem

    In the mining sector, time management is essential. To operate cost-effectively, all vehicles and equipment associated with the mine need to be performing at their best. When a particular client realised their refuelling process was potentially running at a sub-optimal level, they turned to FluidIntel to find a solution to optimise their Maintenance Costs

  • Solution

    To accurately identify refuelling rates across its fleet, the client leveraged FluidIntel’s Flow Computer, AdaptIO. By comparing month-to-month data, the system found refuelling times were increasing; meaning the vehicles had taken longer to refuel from one month to the next.

  • Benefit

    The benefits for the client were significant. Most importantly, they were able to reduce their overall maintenance costs by not over-servicing (or underservicing) filter change outs. Having a clear and organised maintenance schedule also gave the business greater control over the process.

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