FI07 Case Study

preventative maintenance

We helped a client streamline their preventative maintenance processes.

  • Problem

    Maintenance is one of a mine site’s largest costs. However, having vehicles out of production for unnecessary servicing is a potentially avoidable expense. Fuel consumption has also proven to be a better determiner for the amount of work done by a machine than its time in the field. So when a client wanted to develop a Preventative Maintenance regime based on fuel-use rather than field-time, they called upon FluidIntel

  • Solution

    We helped our client by creating a reporting function that enabled equipment and vehicles to be serviced according to fuel consumption rates rather than the usual fleet management system reported hours. The more fuel that is consumed indicates how hard the equipment has worked.

  • Benefit

    For the client, the benefits have been considerable. Most importantly, they have enjoyed reduced maintenance costs across their fleet, and an optimisation of maintenance services.

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