FI10 Case Study

fuel management system

We helped a client optimise its Fuel Management System.

  • Problem

    While a particular client had successfully installed a FluidIntel Fuel Management System some years ago, they were unsure if the system was operating as effectively as it could be, and if they were achieving an optimal service regime. They also felt confident enough to take over the on-site hardware maintenance of the system, which we had previously provided with an on-site team of FluidIntel technicians. The client wanted us to develop reporting which would enable them to measure the effectiveness of their internal maintenance team, and to see if they were able to maintain the Fuel  Management System as well as FluidIntel’s technicians had been for 10 years.

  • Solution

    FluidIntel worked closely with our client to develop an Uptime Report to measure and report on data that would show if our fuel management system was working effectively. This also tracked the progress of the internal maintenance team, using the FluidIntel maintenance team’s results as a baseline

  • Benefit

    The Uptime Report has provided a range of benefits for the client. It reports on three key areas. Firstly, it identifies any unauthorised transactions that appear as a percentage of dispensing transactions indicating bypassing or theft, or any issues with dispensing control. Secondly, it highlights any error transactions as a percentage of hardware faults. And thirdly, it identifies any manual transactions via missing RFID tags.

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