FI15 Case Study

Fuel Refill Report

We helped a client save millions a year by tailoring fuel refill reports.

  • Problem

    On a mine site, minimising downtime of heavy vehicles is essential to overall productivity. The less downtime, the less vehicles are required, which can result in significant savings. So when one particular coal mine identified an opportunity to streamline their Fuel Refill process, they approached FluidIntel.

  • Solution

    We conducted an analysis of refuelling periods for the client across two of their large sites. This involved analysing over 10,000 refuelling transactions which had been captured by FluidIntel’s AdaptMACs installed at dispensing points, with data stored and reported in Adapt IQ. The data showed that between sites, there was a large variation in refuelling triggers, ranging from 58% to 85% empty. As such, there was a clear opportunity to extend the refuelling period to improve the mine’s heavy vehicle productivity.

  • Benefit

    Across the client’s fleet of 100 heavy vehicles, the increase in Fuel Refill productivity allowed them to remove one truck from the fleet, equating to a saving of $2 million per year.

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