FI16 Case Study

Benchmarking Service Trucks

We used benchmarking to help a client make its service trucks more productive.

  • Problem

    Large mine sites generally utilise a number of Service Trucks or refuelling carts to refill vehicles with fuel and lubricants. A site with three Service Trucks may have as many as 14 different service operators running these vehicles, and each vehicle can cost up to $3 million a year to operate.

  • Solution

    We reviewed data for each service truck transaction per shift across two large mining operations to understand their differing service truck operator performance. For these mine sites, we had previously fitted their service trucks with AdaptMAC hardware, which transmitted data to AdaptIQ for storage and reporting. This meant we were able to capture over 8,000 transactions, in real time, on each service truck, and were able to analyse both the volume of fuel/lubricant that was dispensed per shift, as well as the number of transactions per shift.

  • Benefit

    Our analysis clearly indicated that Benchmarking service truck operators to drive best practice can lead to a significant productivity outcome. The previously under-performing mine will now be able to improve the productivity of their service trucks to the extent that they can reduce their service truck fleet by one vehicle, a saving of up to $3 million per year.

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