FI17 Case Study

Fuel Deliveries Report

We helped a mine save thousands of litres of fuel by tracking its deliveries.

  • Problem

    Tracking fuel use on a mine site is an essential part of budgeting and long-term financial control. For one client, which purchases over 110 million litres of fuel every year and receives more than 3,000 Fuel Deliveries, it was becoming increasingly difficult to verify if their Fuel Deliveries were made as ordered – and therefore…

  • Solution

    FluidIntel worked closely with the mine to understand and analyse the available inflow data for 2,000 deliveries, which the mine had recorded in AdaptIQ. We found that almost all errors were in the negative. 54 of the deliveries had errors that were greater than 10% in the negative and of these, only 37 had information on all three data points available: docket volume, meter volume and gauge volume. These 54 transactions represented a shortfall of more than 1.5 million litres, and the 37 represented a shortfall of 700,000 litres – the majority of which came from one driver.

  • Benefit

    Confirming Fuel Deliveries via accurate calibrated tank gauging has prevented up to 700,000 litres of fuel from being misappropriated on an ongoing basis.

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