FI18 Case Study

Fuel tracking

We helped a client save $2 million a year through more efficient refuelling.

  • Problem

    For one of our clients, an integrated nickel mine and processing facility, Fuel Tracking was becoming difficult. They estimated that annually, they had around 6% in fuel losses that they simply couldn’t account for. To help rectify this situation, they turned to FluidIntel.

  • Solution

    We worked closely with this client to understand their needs and create a bespoke AdaptFMS solution that would integrate with the client’s existing authorisation systems, including employee ID cards and their Gallagher/Cardex database.

  • Benefit

    Currently, the site uses approximately 72 million litres of diesel per annum. In the final phase, we will incorporate updates to enable the measurement of High Sulphuric Fuel Oil (HSFO) for the process plant, as well as ship-to-shore custody transfer.

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