FI19 Case Study

Labour Costs

We helped a client cut labour costs and improve the accuracy of their data.

  • Problem

    Tracking and authorising fuel can be tricky and costly. For one of the world’s largest nickel mines, staying on top of fuel use was becoming very difficult. To rectify this situation, they approached FluidIntel and implemented our Adapt Fuel Management System (AdaptFMS), as well as duel authorisation for all light vehicle fuel dispenses.

  • Solution

    AdaptFMS already supports Cardax (Gallagher) personnel cards. However, this particular client wanted a way to automatically update AdaptIQ with their field user RFID card details for a number of reasons.

  • Benefit

    The client has reported a significant savings in terms of their Labour Costs as well as reduced Data-Entry Errors. Light vehicle refuel volumes have also fallen, despite staff numbers increasing.

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