Our Products

FluidIntel is invested in the ongoing development of the products making up our digital supply chain solutions, such as AdaptFMS. Our products interface to manage your fuel or other bulk commodity supply chain, improving business efficiency and maximising savings in the process.

To ensure the highest quality, all of our products are designed and manufactured in FluidIntel’s own facilities in Australia.


AdaptFMS Products


The AdaptMAC is an in-field controller that provides management and control (MAC) over the delivery, storage, transfer, and dispensing of fuels, oils, and other bulk commodities as part of AdaptFMS, our world-leading Fuel Management System.


The AdaptUPS is FluidIntel’s integrated, multi-output power supply unit. Its internal backup battery allows for an uninterruptible supply on selected outputs, facilitating graceful shutdowns of the AdaptMAC and peripherals protecting your data. The AdaptUPS can be used on either a vehicle (AdaptUPS DC Model) or in permanent installation (AdaptUPS AC Model).


The AdaptIO flow computer interfaces with the AdaptMAC to allow the authorisation, recording, and display of fuel movement and transaction data. It performs pulse error and meter direction detection, as well as flow rate control while interfacing with multi-channel flow meters, valve pump control and temperature sensors, in order to provide both non-temperature compensated volumes (gross observed volume) and temperature compensated volumes (total volume).


The AdaptSMU is a completely wireless equipment identification and recording device. Our AdaptSMU tags identify vehicle and equipment items, record engine hours and wirelessly send this data to the AdaptMAC when the vehicle or equipment is re-fuelled.