FluidIntel News

Sean Birrell

Sean is responsible for leading the strategic direction and the R&D focus of the business, including software and hardware development. This emphasis on continuous improvement and innovation enables FluidIntel to remain the world’s best practice in fluid management systems. Sean’s strategic initiative has enabled FluidIntel’s recent move into the bulk rail transport and bulk fuel supplier sectors.
Sean was one of the co-founders of FluidIntel, and worked with the company’s founding CEO to develop a specialised fuel management system for the mining sector, AdaptFMS. Sean was responsible for the development of AdaptFMS from inception, including industrial design, electronics, and software development. AdaptFMS was launched in 2007 and quickly became the market leader in Australian mining.
Sean has led the R&D impetus since then, overseeing the introduction of the first FMS web application, the first FMS touch-screen controller, the first mining enterprise focused FMS, and the first multi-platform Remote Tank Monitoring solution (among many other innovations). Sean also went on to become FluidIntel’s CEO in 2014.

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