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Robust and Reliable Fuel Management on Service Trucks: Is it Feasible?

By Philip Zoing


In all scales of mining, a critical component for productivity from all heavy equipment from the go-line, down to the center of the pit, is ensuring fuel is readily available and accessible to these pieces of equipment when their tanks run low.

Service trucks play an essential role in delivering fuel and lubricants around a mine site to vehicles who cannot access fuel from static refueling locations in a time efficient manner.

There are a few favorite chassis selected by truck builders as a base to assemble a mobile hydrocarbon refueling unit. In Australia, The CAT Haulmax 3900 is commonplace in larger mines where tank capacities in excess of 50K litres are required. The CAT 773 has its place where tank capacities around 30Kl are required. Smaller chassis like the Scania 8×8 and Tatra 10×10 will be regularly found across the continent where smaller hydrocarbon payloads are needed. In the Americas, the CAT730 and 740 Articulated Truck chassis would appear to be a generally more popular frame for assembling mobile refueling units.

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