Supply Chain Digitisation

Whether it’s fuel, lubricants, fertiliser or agricultural products, FluidIntel delivers proven supply chain digitisation solutions to help you manage your complex bulk commodity supply chain.

In a rapidly evolving and highly competitive business landscape, it’s critical that your supply chain operates as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

The convergence of a number of technologies such as wireless, IoT platforms, sensors, big data and analytics have unlocked a range of possibilities for supply chains, including the development of digitised solutions for the most complex environments.

Companies that effectively digitise their supply chains are reducing costs, increasing service levels, and providing greater flexibility and resilience in their supply chains.

Why FluidIntel?

Our expertise in bulk commodity supply chains stems from years of experience providing fuel management systems to the mining sector in some of the most remote and harsh environments on earth. This has enabled us to develop robust hardware and scalable software platforms to service mission critical supply chains anywhere in the world.

Our industry renowned engineers and analysts assess your supply chain challenges, design tailored software solutions, and help you build solid business cases.


Benefits of supply chain digitisation

  • Improved accuracy – automation of tasks and reduction in paperwork means better accuracy and fewer processing errors.
  • Streamlined monitoring – enjoy a holistic, real time view over inventory levels across multiple sites and geographic locations.
  • Real time tracking – quickly and reliably track inventory during transportation and dynamically re-route when required.
  • Optimised routing and scheduling – reduce costs and minimise the risk of stock discrepancies or missed deliveries.
  • Procurement on demand – build seamless, collaborative partnerships with suppliers and customers.
  • Better insights – use advanced analytics to predict supply chain behaviour and provide actionable insights for supply chain operation.