How we work

With over 20 years experience working with supply chain transformation, FluidIntel has developed the right systems and processes to help you maximise the productivity and efficiency of your bulk commodity supply chain.

Our six-step implementation process is as follows:

1. Benchmarking

We provide rich and accurate data to help you understand and quantify possible supply chain transformation opportunities. Read more

2. Gap Analysis

We then conduct a detailed engineering gap analysis of your existing equipment and processes to determine an improvement path.

3. Continuous Improvement Plan

Next, we create a staged continuous improvement plan in line with your capital position.Read more

4. Implementation

Once approved, our highly experienced project management team works closely with you to deliver and commission your new system.

5. Training and Support

Our team then provides comprehensive training to your operational staff to ensure effective system operation. Read more

6. Analytics

Post-implementation, we can provide a specialised data analytics service to help you identify further cost saving opportunities and maximise your ROI.  Read more