Why Choose FluidIntel

Fuel is a significant expense for mines and diesel rail networks. Best practice fuel management will generate millions of dollars in savings every year through cost reduction and productivity improvements.

AdaptFMS is the world’s leading fuel management system for mining and rail, and we manage many billions of litres of fuel per annum, across more than 50 sites in Australia, South East Asia and North America. We service customers such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Glencore, Vale, Aurizon, Teck Resources, AngloAmerican and Newcrest.

Proven and Rapid Return on Investment

Case studies show that when fully implemented, AdaptFMS can result in fuel consumption and productivity savings of between 2% and 8%, with payback periods of one year or less. The system also delivers other significant benefits through its superior reporting, analytics, and vertical IT integration capabilities such as allowing predictive maintenance scheduling and service truck optimisation.

Field Proven Hardware

AdaptFMS hardware has been running on mine sites for over ten years and is deployed on over 80 service trucks and 250 fixed locations. AdaptMACs operate in cyclone areas, marine areas and from -40˚ to +70˚C temperatures.

World-Class Software Across the Whole Solution

Our software is significantly more advanced than any other fuel management system for the mining and rail sector. FluidIntel develops the firmware for the field hardware and the central web application, allowing for truly integrated, stable and secure operation.

Agile, Incremental and Constant Improvements

Our software team continues to improve and customise solutions for our clients to drive down costs and improve productivity. The development of all hardware and software is done inhouse, driven by customer feedback to ensure seamless integration and features that are actively used by our customers. Over the past four years, we have invested an average of 22% of annual turnover into the ongoing research and development of our fuel management system and associated products and services.

Quality Control

To ensure stringent quality control our hardware and software is designed, developed and manufactured in FluidIntel’s facilities in Australia. We carry ISO9001 Quality Certification for the manufacture and installation of AdaptFMS. Our safety and environmental systems and practices have benefited from us working with the world’s largest and most productive mining companies.

Service and Maintenance

After your system has been implemented, FluidIntel offers comprehensive after sales service that includes:

  • Training, including: – system hardware and maintenance – using AdaptIQ analytics to reduce costs and improve productivity – system use for operators and stakeholders • Software maintenance – includes a 24/7-enabled ticket system with helpdesk support, software version upgrades and deployment, bug fixes, online training and support, remote troubleshooting and more. • Hardware maintenance – in Australia our regional offices are located in three key mining regions: Perth, the Bowen Basin, and the Hunter Valley. These offices provide warehouse, workshop and testing facilities for our clients. A team of service technicians take care of field hardware, providing breakdown coverage, spare parts, calibration service, mechanical and electrical inspections, preventative maintenance and fine-tuning of the fuel management system.
  • International support – we have appointed distributors and install partners in Indonesia, South Africa, Canada and South America. These partners are trained and supervised by FluidIntel engineers and provide local language support for all installation, service and calibration needs.